LxDS Spring School 2018


28-30 May 2018, ISEG, Lisboa


The LxDS-Lisbon Dynamical Systems group, the Mathematics Department of ISEG, CEMAPRE, REM and CMAF-CIO are organizing a 3-day spring school (28th to 30th May) on dynamical systems to be held at ISEG/ULisboa. The school will consist of three mini-courses in specific areas of dynamical systems lectured by specialists of recognized international merit.

REGISTRATION is required to confirm participation. Please fill the form on this web page.
If you want to make a 15-minute oral presentation, mention this by indicating a title and summary in the "comments" section of the registration form.
The spring school will have a limited number of participants.
PhD students can apply for financial support.


Abed Bounemoura (Université Paris Dauphine and Observatoire de Paris),
José Ferreira Alves (Universidade do Porto and CMUP),
Mark Pollicott (University of Warwick).


Pedro Duarte (Universidade de Lisboa), José Pedro Gaivão, João Lopes Dias (Universidade de Lisboa) and Telmo Peixe (Universidade de Lisboa)


KAM theory for ultra-differentiable Hamiltonians (Abed Bounemoura)

In this work with Jacques Féjoz, we propose an extension of the KAM theorem to a class of ultra-differentiable Hamiltonians (including analytic and Gevrey Hamiltonians) under an adapted arithmetic condition (corresponding to the Bruno-Rüssmann condition in the analytic case).

SRB measures and inducing schemes (José Ferreira Alves)

We will consider smooth discrete-time dynamical systems of a Riemannian manifold. Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen (SRB) measures will be introduced and considered several classes of dynamical systems with some hyperbolicity where these measures can be obtained. We will use inducing schemes to deduce some statistical properties of SRB measures, such as Decay of Correlations, Central Limit Theorem or Large Deviations.

Dynamics of geodesic flows (Mark Pollicott)

We will discuss some dynamical properties of geodesic flows on negatively curved surfaces.  These are a paradigm for more general hyperbolic flows. Amongst the topics which we hope to discuss are: Conjugacies and Isometries (results of Otal and Sunada); Ergodic Properties; Flows on singular flows (application to Weil-Petersson geodesic flows); and Quantum Chaos (results of N. Anantharaman).


TimeDay 1
28th May
Day 2
29th May
Day 3
30th May
10h00 - 11h30Abed Bounemoura
(KAM theory)
Abed Bounemoura
(KAM theory)
Abed Bounemoura
(KAM theory)
11h30 - 11h45Coffee breakCoffee breakCoffee break
11h45 - 13h15José Alves
(SRB measures)
José Alves
(SRB measures)
José Alves
(SRB measures)
13h15 - 15h00LunchLunchLunch
15h00 - 16h30Mark Pollicott
(Geodesic flows)
Mark Pollicott
(Geodesic flows)
Mark Pollicott
(Geodesic flows)
16h30 - 17h30Talks/PostersTalks/PostersTalks/Posters
20h00School dinner

Target audience

PhD students, post-docs and researchers.


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The organizers are grateful for the sponsorship of the CIM - Centro Internacional de Matemática


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