11 Articles in international journals with referee

Addressing the algebraic structure of a linear mixed model with balanced design towards model extension
C. Santos, C. Dias and N. M. Brites
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 47, 6051–6059 (2024).

Billiards in generic convex bodies have positive topological entropy
M. Bessa, G. Del Magno, J. Lopes Dias, J. P. Gaivão and M. J. Torres
Advances in Mathematics 441, 109592 (2024).

Clustering of Wind Speed Time Series as a Tool for Wind Farm Diagnosis
A. Martins, D. Vaz, T. Silva, M. Cardoso and A. Carvalho
Mathematical and Computational Applications 29, (2024).

Comparison of optimal harvesting policies with general logistic growth and a general harvesting function
M. M. Reis and N. M. Brites
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, (2024).

Conformal prediction of option prices
J. A. Bastos
Expert Systems with Applications 245, 123087 (2024).

Critical dimensions in the empirical measurement of common shareholding
N. Rosati, P. Bomprezzi and M. Martinez Cillero
Research in International Business and Finance, to appear (2024).

Screening the Discrepancy Function of a Computer Model
P. Barbillon, A. Forte and R. Paulo
Technometrics, (2024).

Time inhomogeneous multivariate Markov chains: Detecting and testing multiple structural breaks occurring at unknown dates
B. Damásio and J. Nicolau
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 180, (2024).

Tourism forecasts after COVID-19: Evidence of Portugal
N. Sobreira and R. Mueller
Annals of Tourism Research Empirical Insights 5, 100127 (2024).

Variability on Functionally Graded Plates’ Deflection Due to Uncertainty on Carbon Nanotubes’ Properties
A. Carvalho, A. Martins, A. Mota and M. A. Loja
Mathematical and Computational Applications 29, (2024).

What Led to the Decline of Child Labour in the European Periphery? A Cointegration Approach with Long Historical Data
P. Goulart, N. Sobreira, G. Ferrittu and A. Bedi
Social Indicators Research, 1-37 (2024).