27 Articles in international journals with referee

A Measure of Child Exposure to Household Material Deprivation: Empirical Evidence from the Portuguese Eu-Silc
M. E. Ferrão, A. Bastos and T. G. Alves
Child Indicators Research, to appear (2021).

An exact robust approach for the integrated berth allocation and quay crane scheduling problem under uncertain arrival times
F. G. Rodrigues and A. Agra
European Journal of Operational Research 295, 499-516 (2021).

Arc Routing for Parking Enforcement Officers: exact and heuristic solutions
R. Ferreira, V. Móra, M. C. Mourão, M. Moz, L. S. Pinto and J. Ribeiro
European Journal of Operational Research, to appear (2021).

Capturing schools' digital capacity: psychometric analyses of the SELFIE self-reflection tool
P. Costa, J. Castano-Munoz and P. Kampylis
Computers & Education 162, (2021).

Changes in inflation compensation and oil prices: short-term and long-term dynamics
I. Cabral, J. Nicolau and P. P. Ribeiro
Empirical Economics, to appear (2021).

Expansiveness and hyperbolicity in convex billiards
M. Bessa, J. Lopes Dias and M. J. Torres
Regular & Chaotic Dynamics 26, 756-762 (2021).

Hyperbolic polygonal billiards close to 1-dimensional piecewise expanding maps
G. Del Magno, J. Lopes Dias, P. Duarte and J. P. Gaivão
Journal of Statistical Physics 182, 11 (2021).

Identifying differences and similarities between donors regarding the long-term allocation of official development assistance
P. Francisco, S. Moreira and J. Caiado
Development Studies Research, to appear (2021).

Keyword Search over Schema-less RDF Datasets by SPARQL Query Compilation
Y. T. Izquierdo, G. M. García, E. Menendez, L. A. P. P. Leme, A. Neves, M. Lemos, A. C. Finamore, C. Oliveira and M. A. Casanova
Information Systems, to appear (2021).

Lagrangian duality for robust problems with decomposable functions: the case of a robust inventory problem
F. G. Rodrigues, A. Agra, C. Requejo and E. Delage
INFORMS - Journal on Computing 33, 685-705 (2021).

Periodic attractor in the discrete time best-response dynamics of the Rock-Paper-Scissors game
J. P. Gaivão and T. Peixe
Dynamic Games and Applications 11 (3), 491-511 (2021).

Permanence in Polymatrix Replicators
T. Peixe
Journal of Dynamics and Games 8 (1), 21-34 (2021).

Persistence and academic expectations in higher education students
M. E. Ferrão and L. S. Almeida
Psicothema 33, 587-594 (2021).

Preventing environmental disasters in investment under uncertainty
P. Kort, M. Lavrutich, C. Nunes and C. Oliveira
Environmental and Resource Economics, (2021).

Quasi-analytical solution of an investment problem with decreasing investment cost due to technological innovations.
C. Nunes, C. Oliveira and R. Pimentel
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, to appear (2021).

Quasi‐Maximum Likelihood and The Kernel Block Bootstrap for Nonlinear Dynamic Models
P. Parente and R. J. Smith
Journal of Time Series Analysis, to appear (2021).

Reinsurance of multiple risks with generic dependence structures
M. Guerra and A. Moura
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, to appear (2021).

Residue Sum Formula for Pricing Options under the Variance Gamma Model
P. Febrer and J. M. E. Guerra
Mathematics 9, 1143-1171 (2021).

Revisiting the Spatial Autoregressive Exponential Model for Counts and Other Nonnegative Variables, with Application to the Knowledge Production Function
I. Proença and L. Glórias
Sustainabiity 13, 2843 (2021).

Ruin and dividend measures in the renewal dual risk model
R. G. Alcoforado, A. Bergel, R. M. Cardoso, A. D. Egídio dos Reis and E. Rodriguez Martinez
Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, (2021).

Ruin and dividend measures in the renewal dual risk model

Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, to appear (2021).

School and student determinants of reading performance: A multilevel analysis with Portuguese students
J. Lopes, C. Oliveira and P. Costa
Revista de Psicodidáctica, (2021).

Stepwise Investment in Circular Plastics under the Presence of Policy Uncertainty
L. De Weerdt, T. Compernolle, V. Hagspiel, P. Kort and C. Oliveira
Environmental and Resource Economics, (2021).

Teacher collaboration and students’ digital competence - evidence from the SELFIE tool
J. Castano-Munoz, R. Vuorikari, P. Costa, P. Kampylis and P.
European Journal of Teacher Education, 1-22 (2021).

The Impact of Uncertainty in the Measurement of Progress in Earned Value Analysis
R. Almeida, R. Abrantes, M. Romão and I. Proença
Procedia Computer Science 181, 457-467 (2021).

Variable selection in the presence of factors: a model selection perspective
G. Garcia-Donato and R. Paulo
Journal of the American Statistical Association, (2021).

Weighted proximity search
F. G. Rodrigues
Journal of Heuristics 27, 459-496 (2021).

1 Books - editor

Improving a Country’s Education PISA 2018 Results in 10 Countries
N. Crato
Springer, (2021).

1 Chapters in international books with referee

Setting up the Scene: Lessons Learned from PISA 2018 Statistics and Other International Student Assessments
N. Crato
In: Crato N. (eds) Improving a Country’s Education., Springer, (2021).

2 Conference proceedings with referee

A new approach to Markowitz portfolio optimization using ruin-based outcomes
A. Hernández-Pacheco and R. Carcache
Joint Sections Colloquium, International Actuarial Association, (2021).

A probability of ruin approach to optimize pension fund investments
A. Hernández-Pacheco, A. D. Egídio dos Reis and A. Bergel
Joint Sections Colloquium, International Actuarial Association, (2021).

11 Preprints

Approximations to ultimate ruin probabilities with a Wienner process perturbation
Y. Koucha and A. D. Egídio dos Reis
preprint (2021). PDF

Approximations to ultimate ruin probabilities with a Wienner process perturbation

preprint (2021).

Asymptotic Dynamics of Hamiltonian Polymatrix Replicators
H. Alishah, P. Duarte and T. Peixe
preprint (2021). PDF

Critical dimensions in the empirical measurement of common shareholding
N. Rosati, P. Bomprezzi and M. Martinez Cillero
preprint (2021). PDF

Dynamics of piecewise increasing contractions
J. P. Gaivão and A. Nogueira
preprint (2021). PDF

Institutional investors and common ownership in the European energy sector
N. Rosati, P. Bomprezzi and M. Martinez Cillero
preprint (2021). PDF

Minimizing Ruin Probability Under Dependencies for Insurance Pricing
R. L. Gudmundarson, M. Guerra and A. Moura
preprint (2021). PDF

On the Roots of Underdevelopment: "Wrong Equilibrium" or "Miscoordination"?
J. P. Pontes and T. Peixe
preprint (2021). PDF

Persistent Strange attractors in 3D Polymatrix Replicators
T. Peixe and A. A. Rodrigues
preprint (2021). PDF

Risky vs Safe production mode: when to invest and when to switch?
I. V. Kravchenko, C. Nunes and C. Oliveira
preprint (2021).

Time-symmetric optimal stochastic control problems in space-time domains
A. B. Cruzeiro, C. Oliveira and J. Zambrini
preprint (2021). PDF