12 Articles in international journals with referee

A memory-based iterated local search algorithm for the multi-depot open vehicle routing problem
J. Brandão
European Journal of Operational Research 284, 559-571 (2020).

Combinatorics of jenga
A. Carvalho, J. P. Neto and C. P. Santos
The Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 76(1), 87-104 (2020).

Green investment under time-dependent subsidy retraction risk
V. Hagspiel, C. Nunes, C. Oliveira and M. Portela
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, (2020).

Hyperbolicity through stable shadowing for generic geodesic flows
M. Bessa, J. Lopes Dias and M. J. Torres
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 406, 132423 (2020).

Inflation in the G7 and the expected time to reach the reference rate: a nonparametric approach
I. Cabral and J. Nicolau
International Journal of Finance and Economics, to appear (2020).

Measuring the Gender Disparities in Unemployment Dynamics during the Recession: Evidence from Portugal
J. Passinhas and I. Proença
Applied Economics 52:6, 623-636 (2020).

Optimal reinsurance of dependent risks
A. Moura and M. L. Centeno
REVSTAT Statistical Journal, to appear (2020).

Ratings matter: announcements in times of crisis and the dynamics of stock markets
N. Rosati, M. Bellia, P. Verga Matos and V. Oliveira
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 64, 101166 (2020).

Reducibility of quasi-periodically forced circle flows
S. Kocic and J. Lopes Dias
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - A 40, 5325-5345 (2020).

Stochastic differential equations harvesting policies: Allee effects, logistic-like growth and profit optimization
N. M. Brites and C. A. Braumann
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 1-11 (2020).

The attractor of piecewise expanding maps of the interval
G. Del Magno, J. Lopes Dias, P. Duarte and J. P. Gaivão
Stochastics and Dynamics 20, 2050009 (2020).

The Profitability in the FTSE 100 Index: a New Markov Chain Approach
F. I. Riedlinger and J. Nicolau
Asia Pacific Financial Markets, to appear (2020).

2 Chapters in international books with referee

Curriculum and Educational Reforms in Portugal: An Analysis on Why and How Students’ Knowledge and Skills Improved
N. Crato
Audacious Education Purposes, Ed. F. M. Reimers, Springer, 209-231 (2020).

Harvesting Policies with Stepwise Effort and Logistic Growth in a Random Environment
N. M. Brites and C. A. Braumann
Current Trends in Dynamical Systems in Biology and Natural Sciences, Springer 21, 95-110 (2020).

3 Preprints

Accuracy of European Stock Target Prices
J. Almeida and R. M. Gaspar
preprint (2020). PDF

Dynamics of piecewise increasing contractions
J. P. Gaivão and A. Nogueira
preprint (2020).

Early Parental Reading and Reading for Enjoyment: What Matters Most for Boys and Girls
L. Araujo, P. Costa, N. Crato, M. Dumangane and N. Picker
preprint (2020).