10 Articles in international journals with referee

A public micro pension programme in Brazil: Heterogeneity among states and setting up of benefit age adjustment
R. G. Alcoforado and A. D. Egídio dos Reis
European Actuarial Journal, to appear (2022).

Changes in inflation compensation and oil prices: short-term and long-term dynamics
I. Cabral, P. Pires Ribeiro and J. Nicolau
Empirical Economics 62, 581-603 (2022).

Differential effect of university entrance scores on graduates’ performance: The case of degree completion on time in Portugal
M. E. Ferrão
Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, (2022).

Escala do índice de exposição da criança à privação material em Portugal: validação e interpretação
T. G. Alves, A. Bastos and M. E. Ferrão
Sociedade e Estado, to appear (2022).

Estudo longitudinal sobre eficácia diferencial e equidade social no Brasil
M. E. Ferrão
REICE. Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación 20, 57-72 (2022).

Explainable models of credit losses
J. A. Bastos and S. M. Matos
European Journal of Operational Research 301, 386-394 (2022).

How heterogeneous is the impact of energy efficiency on dwelling prices? Evidence from the application of the unconditional quantile hedonic model to the Portuguese residential market
R. Evangelista, J. Andrade e Silva and E. A. Ramalho
Energy Economics, to appear (2022).

Moments and probability density of threshold crossing times for populations in random environments under sustainable harvesting policies
N. M. Brites and C. A. Braumann
Computational Statistics, to appear (2022).

Persistent Strange attractors in 3D Polymatrix Replicators
T. Peixe and A. A. Rodrigues
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, to appear (2022).

Profit optimization of stochastically fluctuating populations: the effects of Allee effects
N. M. Brites and C. A. Braumann
Optimization, (2022).

1 Books - author

Mathématiques et Économie - Une approche historique (in print)
F. Bismans and M. R. Grossinho
Bibliothèque de l’économiste, Classiques GARNIER 39, (2022).

1 Chapters in national books without referee

Desigualdades entre mulheres e homens no mercado de trabalho
S. F. Casaca, A. Bastos, H. Perista, I. Proença, F. Amaro and J. Cruz
in Mercado de Trabalho em Portugal – do Salário Mínimo ao Teletrabalho, Almedina, (2022).

4 Preprints

Billiards in generic convex bodies have positive topological entropy
M. Bessa, G. Del Magno, J. Lopes Dias, J. P. Gaivão and M. J. Torres
preprint (2022). PDF

Firm ownership and competitiveness in the European beverages industry
N. Rosati, P. Bomprezzi, M. Ferraresi and A. Frigo
preprint (2022).

Stability of heteroclinic cycles: a new approach
T. Peixe and A. A. Rodrigues
preprint (2022). PDF

Two-dimensional ruin problems for a renewal risk process with investments and proportional reinsurance: exact and asymptotic results
A. Bergel and Z. Palmowski
preprint (2022).