32 Articles in international journals with referee

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T. Peixe
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The Profitability in the FTSE 100 Index: a New Markov Chain Approach
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1 Articles in national journals with referee

Territorial differences in student performance in Portugal: The role of family characteristics and school composition
P. Costa, A. P. Couto and M. E. Ferrão
Revista Portuguesa de Estudos Regionais, to appear (2020).

1 Books - author

Common Shareholding in Europe
DOI 10.2760/734264, Publications Office of the European Union JRC121476, (2020).

2 Chapters in international books with referee

Curriculum and Educational Reforms in Portugal: An Analysis on Why and How Students’ Knowledge and Skills Improved
N. Crato
Audacious Education Purposes, Ed. F. M. Reimers, Springer, 209-231 (2020).

Harvesting Policies with Stepwise Effort and Logistic Growth in a Random Environment
N. M. Brites and C. A. Braumann
Current Trends in Dynamical Systems in Biology and Natural Sciences, Springer 21, 95-110 (2020).

2 Conference proceedings with referee

A Bayesian approach to predict the structural responses of FGM plates with uncertain parameters
A. Loja, A. Carvalho, J. Neto, T. Silva and M. Vinyas
AIP Conference Proceedings, AIP Publishing LLC 2204, (2020).

Data Anonymization: K-anonymity Sensitivity Analysis
W. Santos, G. Sousa, P. Prata and M. E. Ferrão
Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, CISTI, IEEE Xplore 10.23919/CISTI49556.2020.9141044, 1-6 (2020).

1 Chapters in international books without referee

O. Simões
Prospecção de Problemas e Soluções nas Ciências Matemáticas 2, Organizadores Américo Silva e André Vieira, Atena Editora, (2020).

8 Preprints

Accuracy of European Stock Target Prices
J. Almeida and R. M. Gaspar
preprint (2020). PDF

Dynamics of piecewise increasing contractions
J. P. Gaivão and A. Nogueira
preprint (2020).

Early Parental Reading and Reading for Enjoyment: What Matters Most for Boys and Girls
L. Araujo, P. Costa, N. Crato, M. Dumangane and N. Picker
preprint (2020).

Expansiveness and hyperbolicity in convex billiards
M. Bessa and J. Lopes Dias
preprint (2020). PDF

Quasi-analytical solution of an investment problem with decreasing investment cost due to technological innovations.
C. Nunes, C. Oliveira and R. Pimentel
preprint (2020). PDF

Quasi-analytical solution of an investment problem with decreasing investment cost due to technological innovations.

preprint (2020).

Reinsurance of multiple risks with generic dependence structures
M. Guerra and A. Moura
preprint (2020). PDF

Time-symmetric optimal stochastic control problems in space-time domains
A. B. Cruzeiro, C. Oliveira and J. Zambrini
preprint (2020). PDF

3 Lecture notes

An Introduction to Quantitative Finance, (2020).

An Introduction to Quantitative Finance
A. D. Egídio dos Reis and A. Bergel, (2020).

Introdução à Matemática Financeira
A. D. Egídio dos Reis and A. Bergel, (2020).