Reinsurance and Risk Management Day

Advanced training

25 Nov 2019, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG), Universidade de Lisboa


The reinsurance renewal season will be upon us shortly. We have invited three
knowledgeable speakers to speak about reinsurance and risk management.

On completing this course, the participant will have sufficient knowledge of
the concepts, practices and terminology of reinsurance to confidently partake
in reinsurance programme design, reinsurance purchasing and reinsurance
contract interpretation.

Jo Nesse will be the main speaker and explain reinsurance, its concepts, its
practices and its terminology, from the reinsurance buyer's point of view.
- General facts about reinsurance
- Different forms of reinsurance
- Reinsurance in different lines of business
- Reinsurance contracts

John Øyaas will speak about risk prevention and risk mitigation, including
reinsurance, as seen from the direct insurance buyer's point of view.

Tatiana Santos Marques will speak about accounting of reinsurance contracts
in the current environment and under the new accounting standard IFRS 17.

Course Instructors:

Jo Nesse, John Øyaas and Tatiana Santos Marques


João Andrade e Silva (Universidade de Lisboa) and Alambra Consulting (


09:30 - 17:00including coffee-breaks and lunch

Target audience

Anyone who needs to understand the concepts, practices and terminology of reinsurance: risk managers, actuaries, accountants, IT staff. No mathematical knowledge is required.


Auditório 3 - Quelhas Building


Students Academics Other
195 EUR250 EUR


Registrations must be sent by email to:
with the registration form filled and attached (registration form for upload below).


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