Monday, May 6, 2019

Direct and Indirect Effects based on Changes-in-Changes

Martin Huber
(University of Fribourg, Dept. of Economics)

Abstract: We propose a novel approach for causal mediation analysis based on a changes-in-changes assumptions restricting unobserved heterogeneity over time. This allows disentangling the causal effect of a binary treatment on an outcome into an indirect effect operating through a binary intermediate variable (called mediator) and a direct effect running via other causal mechanisms. We identify average and quantile direct and indirect effects for various subgroups under the condition that the outcome is monotonic in the unobserved heterogeneity and that the distribution of the latter does not change over time conditional on the treatment and the mediator. We also provide a simulation study and an empirical application.

Monday, May 6, 2019
Time: 14h30
Room: Anfiteatro 4, Edificio Quelhas, ISEG