Nuno Azevedo

2 Articles in international journals with referee

Dynamic programming for a Markov– switching jump-diffusion
N. Azevedo, D. Pinheiro and G. W. Weber
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 267, 1-19 (2014).

On a variational sequential bargaining pricing scheme
N. Azevedo, D. Pinheiro, S. Z. Xanthopoulos and A. N. Yannacopoulos
Optimization 62, 1501-1524 (2013).

1 Manuscripts not intended for publication

Multiplier and inovation effect of the engineering & tooling sector in Portugal
N. Azevedo, J. Correia, J. M. E. Guerra, J. Kennedy, D. Pinheiro and R. Smits
81st European study group with industry, (2011).