João A Bastos

8 Articles in international journals with referee

Explainable models of credit losses
J. A. Bastos and S. M. Matos
European Journal of Operational Research 301, 386-394 (2022).

On the classification of financial data with domain agnostic features
J. A. Bastos and J. Caiado
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 138, 1-11 (2021).

Forecasting the capacity of mobile networks
J. A. Bastos
Telecommunication Systems 72, 2 (2019).

Nonparametric models of financial leverage decisions
J. A. Bastos and J. J. S. Ramalho
Bulletin of Economic Research 68, 348-366 (2016).

Clustering financial time series with variance ratio statistics
J. A. Bastos and J. Caiado
Quantitative Finance 14, 2121-2133 (2014).

Ensemble predictions of recovery rates
J. A. Bastos
Journal of Financial Services Research 46, 177-193 (2014).

Recurrence quantification analysis of global stock markets
J. A. Bastos and J. Caiado
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 390, 1315-1325 (2011).

Forecasting bank loans loss-given-default
J. A. Bastos
Journal of Banking & Finance 34, 2510–2517 (2010).

1 Chapters in international books with referee

Recurrence quantification analysis of financial markets
J. A. Bastos
in Chaos and Complexity Theory for Management: Nonlinear Dynamics, S. Banerjee, IGI Global USA, 50-62 (2012).