Rui Paulo

12 Articles in international journals with referee

Variable selection in the presence of factors: a model selection perspective
G. Garcia-Donato and R. Paulo
Journal of the American Statistical Association, (2021).

Bayesian selection of technology assumptions for the transformation from supply-use to input-output tables
J. F. Rodrigues, A. F. Amores and R. Paulo
Economic systems research 31, 551-573 (2019).

Comparison of Statistical and Deterministic Frameworks of Uncertainty Quantification
M. Frenklach, A. Packard, G. Garcia-Donato, R. Paulo and J. Sacks
SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification 4, 875-901 (2016).

SAVE: An R package for the statistical analysis of computer models
J. Palomo, R. Paulo and G. Garcia-Donato
Journal of Statistical Software 64, Issue 13, 1-23 (2015).

Calibration of computer models with multivariate output
R. Paulo, G. Garcia-Donato and J. Palomo
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 56, 3959-3974 (2012).

Predicting vehicle crashworthiness: validation of computer models for functional and hierarchical data
M. J. Bayarri, J. O. Berger, M. C. Kennedy, A. Kottas, R. Paulo, J. Sacks, J. A. Cafeo, C. Lin and J. Tu
Journal of the American Statistical Association 104, 924-943 (2009).

A Bayesian analysis of the thermal challenge problem
F. Liu, M. J. Bayarri, J. O. Berger, R. Paulo and J. Sacks
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 197, 2457–2466 (2008).

Mixtures of g-priors in Bayesian variable selection
F. Liang, R. Paulo, G. Molina, M. A. Clyde and J. O. Berger
Journal of the American Statistical Association 103, 410-423 (2008).

Computer model validation with functional output
M. J. Bayarri, J. O. Berger, J. A. Cafeo, G. Garcia-Donato, F. Liu, J. Palomo, R. Parthassarathy, R. Paulo, J. Sacks and D. Walsh
Annals of Statistics 35, 1874-1906 (2007).

Framework for validation of computer models
M. J. Bayarri, J. O. Berger, R. Paulo, J. Sacks, J. A. Cafeo, J. Cavendish, C. Lin and J. Tu
Technometrics 49, 138-154 (2007).

Calibrating and validating deterministic traffic models
R. Paulo, J. Lin, N. M. Rouphail and J. Sacks
Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 1920, 95-105 (2005).

Default priors for Gaussian processes
R. Paulo
Annals of Statistics 33, 556-582 (2005).

1 Conference proceedings without referee

Discussion of "External bayesian analysis for computer models" by Michael Goldstein
R. Paulo
in Proceedings of the Ninth Valencia International Conference on Bayesian Statistics, Eds. J. M. Bernardo, M.J. Bayarri, J. O. Berger, A. P. Dawid, D. Heckerman, A.F.M. Smith and M. West, Oxford University Press, 217-220 (2011).