Nicoletta Rosati

13 Articles in international journals with referee

Identifying the long-term care beneficiaries: Differences between risk factors of nursing homes and community-based services admissions
H. Lopes, C. Mateus and N. Rosati
Aging Clinical and Experimental Research 32, 2099-2110 (2020).

Ratings matter: announcements in times of crisis and the dynamics of stock markets
N. Rosati, M. Bellia, P. Verga Matos and V. Oliveira
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 64, 101166 (2020).

Does Acute Myocardial Infarction kill more people on weekends? Analysis of in-hospital mortality rate of patients admitted during weekends in Portugal
F. Fiorentino, R. Ascenção and N. Rosati
Journal of Health Services Research and Policy 23, 87-97 (2018).

Impact of long term care and mortality risk in community care and nursing homes populations
H. Lopes, C. Mateus and N. Rosati
Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics 76, 160-168 (2018).

Convergence in Corporate Governance: a Probit Analysis
P. V. Matos, N. Rosati and H. C. Faustino
International Journal of Economics and Business Research 12, 181-203 (2016).

Sex- and maturity-related differences in cortical bone at the distal radius and distal tibia evaluated by quantitative ultrasonography during puberty
L. Rebocho, G. Cardadeiro, V. Zymbal, N. Rosati and F. Baptista
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 42, 2043-2049 (2016).

Influence of physical activity and skeleton geometry on bone mass at proximal femur in 10-12 year old children - a longitudinal study
G. Cardadeiro, F. Baptista, N. Rosati, V. Zymbal, K. F. Janz and L. B. Sardinha
Osteoporosis International 25, 2035-2045 (2014).

Efficiency of repeated cross-sections estimators in fixed-effects models
N. Rosati
Statistics and Probability Letters 83, 1770-1775 (2013).

A note on welfare and the economic shocks
N. Rosati
Economics Bulletin 29, 1617-1626 (2009).

Departure from independence and stationarity in a handball match
M. Dumangane, N. Rosati and A. Volossovitch
Journal of Applied Statistics 36, 723-741 (2009).

How has economic inequality evolved over the past two decades? A look at the Italian experience
N. Rosati
Research in Economics 57, 93-122 (2003).

Decision analysis and drug development portfolio management: uncovering the real options value of your projects
N. Rosati
Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research 2, 179-187 (2002).

Screening for primary aldosteronism with a logistic multivariate discriminant analysis
G. P. Rossi, E. Rossi, E. Pavan, N. Rosati, R. Zecchel, A. Semplicini, F. Perazzoli and A. C. Pessina
Clinical Endocrinology 49, 713-723 (1998).

1 Books - author

Common Shareholding in Europe
DOI 10.2760/734264, Publications Office of the European Union JRC121476, (2020).

2 Chapters in international books without referee

Editorial: Pharmaceuticals, patents and competition—some statistical issues
S. Senn and N. Rosati
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A 166, 271-274 (2003).

Project selection, decision analysis and profitability in the pharmaceutical industry
S. Senn and N. Rosati
PharmaTech 2002 Business Briefing, 18-21 (2002).

1 Chapters in national books without referee

Econometric analysis of private medicines expenditure in Portugal
M. Inês and N. Rosati
in 20 Anos de Economia da Saúde em Portugal, Ed. Pereira, to appear (2013).

5 Preprints

Firm ownership and competitiveness in the European beverages industry
N. Rosati, P. Bomprezzi, M. Ferraresi and A. Frigo
preprint (2022).

Critical dimensions in the empirical measurement of common shareholding
N. Rosati, P. Bomprezzi and M. Martinez Cillero
preprint (2021). PDF

Institutional investors and common ownership in the European energy sector
N. Rosati, P. Bomprezzi and M. Martinez Cillero
preprint (2021). PDF

Econometric analysis of private medicines expenditure in Portugal - dealing with excess of zeros
M. Ines, F. Duarte Ramos and N. Rosati
preprint (2017).

Bone Geometry, Physical Activity and Bone Mass at Fracture-Critical Bone Regions of Proximal Femur
V. Zymbal, K. F. Janz, L. M. Rebocho, N. Rosati and F. Baptista
preprint (2016).