Isabel Proença

20 Articles in international journals with referee

Evaluating Management Practices in Precision Agriculture for Maize Yield with Spatial Econometrics

Standards 2, 121-135 (2022).

Crystal Market: A way to study knowledge-based dynamic capabilities
C. Curado, P. Lopes Henriques, I. Proença and D. Maia
Sport, Business and Management: an International Journal 11, 472-490 (2021).

Revisiting the Spatial Autoregressive Exponential Model for Counts and Other Nonnegative Variables, with Application to the Knowledge Production Function
I. Proença and L. Glórias
Sustainabiity 13, 2843 (2021).

The Impact of Uncertainty in the Measurement of Progress in Earned Value Analysis
R. Almeida, R. Abrantes, M. Romão and I. Proença
Procedia Computer Science 181, 457-467 (2021).

Measuring the Gender Disparities in Unemployment Dynamics during the Recession: Evidence from Portugal
J. Passinhas and I. Proença
Applied Economics 52:6, 623-636 (2020).

The inversion of the spatial lag operator in binary choice models: Fast computation and a closed formula approximation
L. Silveira Santos and I. Proença
Regional Science and Urban Economics 76, 74-102 (2019).

Trade Potential Revisited: A Panel Data Analysis For Zimbabwe
I. Proença, E. Martinez- Gálan and M. P. Fontoura
Applied Econometrics and International Development 17, 113-130 (2017).

What Drives Foreign Direct Investment in the Tradable Sector?
M. Mateus, I. Proença and P. Júlio
European Journal of Management Studies 21, 101-142 (2016).

Modeling bilateral intra-industry trade indexes with panel data: A semiparametric approach
I. Proença and H. Faustino
Computational Statistics 30, 865-884 (2015).

Semi-mixed effects gravity models for bilateral trade
I. Proença and S. Sperlich
Empirical Economics 48, 361-384 (2015).

Open Innovation: Factors explaining universities as service firm innovation sources
P. Janeiro, I. Proença and V. C. Gonçalves
Journal of Business Research 66, 2017-2023 (2013).

Immigration and intra-industry trade: the relevance of language, qualification and economic integration
I. Proença and H. Faustino
European Journal of Management Studies 20, 3-17 (2012).

The spatial dimension in FDI spillovers: Evidence at the regional level from Portugal
N. Crespo, I. Proença and P. Fontoura
Regional And Sectoral Economic Studies 12, 115-130 (2012).

Measuring the social recreation per-day net benefit of the wildlife amenities of a national park: A count-data travel-cost
I. Mendes and I. Proença
Environmental Management 48, 920-932 (2011).

FDI spillovers at regional level: Evidence from Portugal
N. Crespo, I. Proença and P. Fontoura
Papers in Regional Science 88, 591-607 (2009).

Trade in the enlarged European Union: A new approach on trade potential
I. Proença, P. Fontoura and E. Martínez-Galán
Portuguese Economic Journal, 205-224 (2008).

Are USA citizens at risk of terrorism in Europe?
C. Pestana Barros, I. Proença, J. R. Faria and L. A. Gil-Alana
Defence and Peace Economics 18, 495-507 (2007).

Productivity spillovers from multinational corporations in Portugal: Vulnerability to deficient estimation
I. Proença, P. Fontoura and N. Crespo
Applied Econometrics and International Development 6, 87-98 (2006).

Mixed logit estimation of radical islamic terrorism in Europe and North America
C. Pestana Barros and I. Proença
Journal of Conflict Resolution 49, 298-311 (2005).

A bootstrap test for single index models
W. K. Härdle, E. Mammen and I. Proença
Statistics 35, 427-451 (2001).

1 Articles in national journals with referee

Desenvolvimento local e efeitos indirectos do investimento directo do estrangeiro em Portugal: a importância da capacidade de absorção regional
P. Fontoura, I. Proença and N. Crespo
Revista Portuguesa de Estudos Regionais 27, 47-55 (2011).

2 Conference proceedings with referee

Dynamics of broadbands demand: substitution or complementarity between fixed and mobile technologies? An application to the Portuguese case
R. Filipe Silva, I. Proença and J. Vareda
the 24th European Regional Conference of the International Telecommunication Society, (2013).

A simple deconvolving kernel density estimator when noise is Gaussian
I. Proença
in The Art of Semiparametrics, Springer, 22-31 (2006).

2 Chapters in international books without referee

Comparing parametric and semiparametric binary response models
I. Proença and A. Werwatz
in XploRe - an Interactive Statistical Computing Environment, Eds. Härdle, Klinke and Turlach, Springer Verlag, (1995).

Interactive graphics for teaching simple statistics
I. Proença
in XploRe - an Interactive Statistical Computing , Eds. Härdle, Klinke and Turlach, Springer Verlag, (1995).

1 Chapters in national books without referee

Desigualdades entre mulheres e homens no mercado de trabalho
S. F. Casaca, F. Amaro, A. Bastos, J. Cruz, H. Perista and I. Proença
in Mercado de Trabalho em Portugal – do Salário Mínimo ao Teletrabalho, Almedina, (2022).