Nuno M Brites

5 Articles in international journals with referee

Moments and probability density of threshold crossing times for populations in random environments under sustainable harvesting policies
N. M. Brites and C. A. Braumann
Computational Statistics, (2022).

Optimal Harvesting of Stochastically Fluctuating Populations Driven by a Generalized Logistic SDE Growth Model
N. M. Brites
Mathematics 10, 1-15 (2022).

Profit optimization of stochastically fluctuating populations: the effects of Allee effects
N. M. Brites and C. A. Braumann
Optimization, (2022).

Harvesting optimization with stochastic differential equations models: is the optimal enemy of the good?
N. M. Brites and C. A. Braumann
Stochastic Models, (2021).

Stochastic differential equations harvesting policies: Allee effects, logistic-like growth and profit optimization
N. M. Brites and C. A. Braumann
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 36, 825-835 (2020).

1 Chapters in international books with referee

Harvesting Policies with Stepwise Effort and Logistic Growth in a Random Environment
N. M. Brites and C. A. Braumann
Current Trends in Dynamical Systems in Biology and Natural Sciences, Springer 21, 95-110 (2020).

1 Preprints

A stochastic optimal control problem in the economics of renewable resources: general logistic growth, general harvesting and numerical solution
N. M. Brites
preprint (2021).

1 Manuscripts not intended for publication

The status of redfish (S. mentella and S. fasciatus) in Divisions 3LN and two medium term scenarios (when recruitment is low, Risk Based Management Strategy or common sense?).

preprint (2020). PDF