Pierre Hoonhout

2 Articles in international journals with referee

Nonignorable Attrition in Multi Period Panels With Refreshment Samples
P. Hoonhout and G. Ridder
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 37-3, 377-390 (2019).

Waiting lists, waiting times and admissions: an empirical analysis at hospital and general practice level
P. Hoonhout, F. Windmeijer and H. Gravelle
Health Economics 14(9), 971-985 (2005).

1 Theses

Identification and estimation of panel data models with atrition using refreshment samples
P. Hoonhout
University College London- Department of Economics, (2011).

1 Preprints

Identification of Multi-Wavepanel data models with attrition
P. Hoonhout
preprint (2013).