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Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleStatistical analysis of wind farms
ParticipantsAlda Carvalho (Principal Investigator), Cláudia Sequeira, Tiago Silva
SummaryThe importance of wind energy in the context of environmental policies related to the production of
electricity has been growing in recent years. However, due to the random nature of this type of
energy generation, the integration of the produced wind energy remains a challenge, especially if
one considers that the power injected into the energy distribution network can suffer sudden
fluctuations, resulting in an imbalance thereof. In addition, the production of wind energy is also
influenced by the diverse wind profiles that may vary from one location to another. Moreover, the
structure of each wind turbine is quite complex and its maintenance is a key factor to extend its
life-cycle and the consequent economic income. Hence, to avoid frequent and costly repairs, it is
pertinent to integrate all the identified sources of uncertainty.

In order to understand such phenomena, real data from several wind turbines, located in different
wind farms, is used. This work is developed in collaboration with a company that owns several wind
farms, representing the largest share of the wind energy produced in Portugal. Statistical methods
may be used to identify patterns in the temporal data, for instance, the time distribution of
extreme values of the produced energy. This analysis is expected to contribute to the optimization
of the injection of electric power in the distribution network, as well as to the wind farm
operators, regarding the enhancement of maintenance and grid operations scheduling towards the
increase of the economic efficiency.