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Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleA multidimensional approach to the dynamics of child poverty
ParticipantsAmélia Bastos (Principal Investigator)
SummaryChild poverty is still a major issue in the EU, despite the efforts that have been made to tackle
it. In Portugal around one in every four child is poor which means living in a household with income
below the poverty line and, therefore, with monetary constraints. This scenario points out for the
scale of child poverty and suggests an obvious reason for social concern about the future of these

The design of effective social policies to alleviate this problem is needed. However, to assure the
efficiency of such policies the knowledge of child poverty features, in terms of the process that
underline it, is required. The research developed in this project intends to contribute to this
knowledge by shedding light in the dynamics of child poverty. Our aim is to disentangle the role of
sociodemographic and economic factors in childrens movements into and out of poverty. We use a
multidimensional concept of poverty in order to capture the various dimensions of the problem.