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TitleA note on numbers: the ruleset PUSH
ParticipantsAlda Carvalho (Principal Investigator), Carlos Santos
SummaryIt is well known that there are rulesets whose positions only have numbers as game-values and
rulesets that may admit values other than numbers [1]. A notable example of the first class is
blue-red-hackenbush [1, 2, 3]. However, most rulesets belong to the second class. When analyzing
games, an early question is: is it possible that all the positions are numbers? The problem is how
to recogn ize when all the positions are numbers.
A general method, based on two fundamental properties, was recently proposed [4]. One of the
rulesets that illustrates these properties well is SHOVE. This ruleset is already solved with a
closed formula based on the simplest number between Left and Right options. However, a closed
variant called PUSH has not been solved [5]. We propose to analyse this ruleset in order to find a
formula to easily compute the value of any PUSH position.

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