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Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleThe Impact of COVID 19 on student's performance. The Case of ISEG- Ulisbon”
ParticipantsGraça Leão Fernandes (Principal Investigator), Margarida Chagas Lopes
SummaryThe COVID 19 pandemic heavily affected the education system regardless of grade level for the last
two years.

All over the world, the main effect of the pandemic at the level of Higher Education was to trigger
a transition from on-site classes to online classes or an hybrid system.

ISEG, as all schools in the country, switched from on-site classes to online ones in March 2020.
Online theorethical classes are still the reality in our school although laboratory classes are in
site since 1st semester 2021-2022. The result was a drop in student attendance to theoretical and
laboratorial classes mainly in quantitative curricular units.

Teachers had to change the way they are used to teaching. Although most students have computers,
internet connection problems made it difficult to follow online classes. Furthermore, despite
teachers’ great efforts to reinforce mentoring, the lack of face to face contact between teachers
and students made teaching and learning a much greater challenge.

In this paper we intend to analyze student's performance in quantitative and non quantitative
curricular units comparing rates of success before and during the pandemic years. We we also intend
to relate the impact of the pandemic on performance with students' perceptions regarding the move
from on-site to online or mixed education.