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Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleResidential property prices and energy efficiency in Portugal before and after the crisis (continuing the project of the last year)
ParticipantsJoão Andrade e Silva (Principal Investigator), João Bastos (Principal Investigator), Rui Evangelista, Esmeralda Ramalho (Principal Investigator)
SummaryThis project builds on the last projects submitted to CEMAPRE. The novelties are:

1) the use of a new dataset that updates the original dataset for the period of 2009-2013 to
2009-2020, allowing the analysis of the effect of the crises in the real estate sector in Portugal;

2) in terms of methodology:

- the analysis of a possible structural breaks in the period of 2009-2020 by using two approaches:
one that specifies the date of the structural break and other that allows the structural break to be

- the use of machine learning techniques, rarely used in hedonic models.