Research projects

Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleA multidimensional approach to the analysis of poverty and social exclusion among children
ParticipantsAmélia Bastos (Principal Investigator)
SummaryThis project continues the investigation initiated in previous years. We intend to complete the
project with Rede Europeia Anti-Pobreza that aims to construct a diagnosis of the
problem of child poverty in Portugal.

We will also continue to develop the ProChild Data project in the context of The Collaborative
Laboratory ProChild
CoLAB against Poverty and Social Exclusion. This project aims to make available to
the public accurate and updated information and analyses on child poverty and social exclusion, by
gathering information about children in all areas of ProChild CoLab investigation. The
of rigorous and updated information about children living conditions aims to contribute to the
design of more effective public policies in this field.

We apply a multidimensional approach to the problem of child poverty, considering the child as the
unit of observation and measurement.