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Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleArc routing with additional constraints from real world applications
ParticipantsJoão Janela, Maria C Mourão, Leonor Pinto (Principal Investigator), Onofre Simões
SummaryCompanies like resorts or residential condominiums administrations of considerable dimension that
normally do not outsource a variety of arc routing related services. Examples of those services are
herbicide treatments, meter readings, street cleaning, door-to door garbage collection, security
rounds, street lighting inspection, just to name a few. The planning of those services fall in the
arc routing problems framework although as they have diverse characteristics they require the
definition of specific problems.
The fact that various problems are defined over the same street network, has a number of important
advantages. First, time is saved in data collection and validation. Second, the contact with
practitioners will be facilitated as they work in the same place and that dialog is crucial to
understand the relevant issues and consequently to better define the adequate problems. Finally, it
provides the right environment to compare the consequences of dealing with different problems.