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TitleDynamics of Polymatrix Replicators
ParticipantsTelmo Peixe (Principal Investigator)
SummaryEvolutionary Game Theory provides many examples of ordinary differential equations where the phase
space is a polytope. A technique to analyze the asymptotic dynamics along the heteroclinic network
formed by the edges and vertices of the polytope has been developed by P. Duarte (2011), and H.
Alishah, P. Duarte and T. Peixe (2015, 2020). The polymatrix replicator is a particular class of
such ordinary differential equations defined on polytopes. Many properties of the polymatrix
replicators have been studied: Permanence in polymatrix replicators by T. Peixe (2021); Asymptotic
Dynamics of Hamiltonian Polymatrix Replicators by H. Alishah, P. Duarte and T. Peixe (preprint
2021); Persistent strange attractors in 3D Polymatrix Replicators by T. Peixe and A. Rodrigues
(preprint 2021).