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Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleNonlinear Models on Computational Finance
ParticipantsMatthias Ehrhardt, Francisco Fonseca, José Pedro Gaivão, Maria do Rosário Grossinho (Principal Investigator), João Guerra, Manuel Guerra, João Janela, Beatriz M Leal, Carlos Oliveira, Telmo Peixe, Daniel Sevcovic, Long Teng, Maria Valente
SummaryNonlinear Models on Computational Finance are generically our main concern.
We aim to work on nonlinear generalization of the Black-Scholes equation for pricing financial
It aims to develop analytical and numerical studies for nonlinear boundary value problems that
appear when trying to develop models that consider more realistic situations of the financial
markets, by relaxing the assumptions of the classical Black-Scholes model.
We will also consider fractional partial differential equations (fPDEs), to focus on possible
financial applications, in the framework of the bilateral Portugal-Germany project FRACTAL

The project will continue to reinforce the collaboration of a research team at Wuppertal
University, progressing the previous work with special emphasis on qualification of young academics
in an international environment.
Special support will be given to the PhD student Beatriz Malheiros Leal.
Nonlinear Models on Computational Finance are generically our main concern.

Keywords: Nonlinear models; Fractional Brownian motion; Fractional differential equations;
Computational finance.