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Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleAssessment of higher education quality in Mozambique based on student perception
ParticipantsFilipe Amone, Graça Leão Fernandes (Principal Investigator)
SummaryThis research intends to develop an instrument that can support the National Council of Higher
Education Quality Assessment in Mozambique (CNAQ) in its process of evaluation and accreditation of
institutions of Higher Education (HE) in Mozambique, using scientific arguments that support
of education assessment based on the perception of students.
On the context of self-assessment indicators of courses and programs approved by CNAQ, the
perception of the students fit in the 5th indicator which deals with students and learning
environment of the course and define the need of students and learning environment
Higher Education Statistics (MINED, 2014) show that there is a high percentage of degree courses'
teachers who besides not having a psycho-pedagogical training, also do not have at least a Master
level. These teachers are called turbo teachers because they teach part-time in more than an
institution. They are often criticized in the media and social networks and presented as the
link in contributing for the quality of education.
This research project will be about the validation and adaptation to Mozambican reality the
so-called Student's Evaluations of Educational Quality (SEEQ) questionnaire proposed by (Marsh,
1987, 1991, 2001). It has been used by several studies over more than two decades and in different
academic contexts, having proven to be reliable and valid, allowing a robust generalization of the
results obtained (Marsh & Roche, 1997). Its application to Mozambique, will be a pioneering study
in this field.