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TitleDynamics on polytopes and polymatrix replicators
ParticipantsHassan N Alishah, Pedro M Duarte, Telmo Peixe (Principal Investigator)
SummaryEvolutionary game theory provides many examples of ordinary differential equations and flows where
the phase space is a polytope. A computational technique to analyze the asymptotic dynamics along
the polytope's edges has been developed by P. Duarte (2011), and H. Alishah, P: Duarte and T. Peixe
(2015). A particular class of such ordinary differential equations defined on polytopes is the
polymatrix replicators, which includes well known classes of evolutionary game dynamics, such as the
symmetric and asymmetric games associated to replicator equations.
We aim to expand and make these techniques user friendlier in order to disseminate their
applicability. Moreover, we want to study the properties of the polymatrix replicators and the
associated polymatrix games.