Research projects

Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleA multidimensional approach to the analysis of poverty and social exclusion among children
ParticipantsAmélia Bastos (Principal Investigator), Maria Eugénia Ferrão
SummaryThis project continues the investigation iniciated in the previous year. In this context an article
has been already published and a conference presentation has occurred at Universidade dos Açores.

The aim of this project is to develop a multidimensional approach to the problem of child poverty.
scale of the problem and its long lasting consequences suggest an obvious reason for social concern
about the future vulnerable

The design of effective social policies to alleviate this problem is needed. However, to assure the
efficiency of such policies the knowledge of child poverty features, is required. The research
developed in this project intends to contribute to this
knowledge by designing a picture of the problem and shedding light in its dynamics aspects. We use
multidimensional concept of poverty in order to capture the various dimensions of the problem.