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Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleRedesigning a non-profit supply chain network in a triple bottom context
ParticipantsCarlos Martins (Principal Investigator), Margarida Vaz Pato
SummaryThis project concerns the problem of redesigning a multi-echelon food banks supply chain network for
the redistribution of food products.
The problem addresses strategic decisions faced by the organization managing the network of food
bank comprising the opening new food bank warehouses and the selection of their storage and
transport capacities from a set of discrete sizes over a multi-period planning horizon. In addition,
existing food banks may be closed or have their capacities expanded. The problem also includes
logistics decisions regarding the number of charitable organizations to be supplied, their
allocation to operating food banks, and the flow of food products
across the network.
The redesigned problem is formulated as a mixed-integer linear programming model that accounts for
sustainability through the definition of three conflicting objectives: minimisation of the cost of
operating the food bank network (economic goal), minimisation of the environmental impacts of food
waste and carbon emissions (environmental goal), and maximisation of the social benefits obtained
from operating food banks (social goal).