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Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleEssays on Microeconometrics Analysis of Child Poverty
ParticipantsMabel Barros, Amélia Bastos (Principal Investigator), Isabel Proença
SummaryThis PhD thesis intends to contribute to the field of econometric and child poverty literature. It
focuses on the measurement of child poverty, considering the specification and estimation of
parametric models.

The aim of this doctoral thesis is to develop an index of child poverty using a specific database.
Later on, this index will be econometrically explained in the same time in which the incidence and
the intensity will be exposed as a function of the individual attributes socioeconomics and
demographics, and then testing empirically the new index using a sample from countries of Southern
Europe. To achieve the objectives above this work will be structured in essays, where the first
be a literature review around econometrics measures applied to child poverty issues, the second
be the development of the new index and, lastly, the third will apply this new index to an empiric
case focused on Southern Europe and the results will be discussed.