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Project CEMAPRE internal

TitleStrategic decisions on a Food Banks' supply chain
ParticipantsCarlos Martins (Principal Investigator), Margarida V Pato
SummaryThis project focuses on supply chains of food banks. Having received little scientific attention so
far, this particular kind of supply chains play a critical role in food waste minimization and
assistance to population in need. The managerial decisions involved are the redesign of the networks
(location and capacities of the food banks), the assignment of donors and beneficiaries to each bank
and respective products' flows in a multi-period planning horizon. Objectives are simultaneously of
economic, environmental and social nature. Multi-objective integer programming models will be
developed to accurately represent the strategic-level decisions to be made regarding these supply
chains. Multi-period optimization of the supply chains will be sought using Operational Research
techniques including tri-objective exact algorithms. The network of the Banco Alimentar contra a
Fome (FPBA) will constitute the real case upon which the study will be made. The final practical
outcome of this research will be solutions to the strategic problem and recommendations for the