Navigating the Future of Management

Scientific committee of international conference

9-10 Jul 2020, FCSE, Universidade Europeia, Lisboa, Portugal


It is our goal to face the future of management considering its major functions – Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Systems, Operations, Quality, Research, Development, and Innovation – and the present and future changes on the scientific and technological panorama.
Big data, 3D and 4D prints, virtual currency, genetic therapies, energy sources – without cost and inexhaustible –, intelligent transport, the new generation of logistics, quantum computing, robotics and its growing impact on the implementation of tasks, nanotechnology, the E-learning, the genome, the organoid and the substantial increase in life expectancy are at the root of the future changes and It is up to educational institutions, and particularly universities, to develop prospective exercises, tracing contrasting scenarios and therefore predictive approaches able to illuminate the future while promoting more flexible decision-making systems and improving the ability of enterprises to adapt.


Fernando F Gonçalves (Universidade Europeia)

Target audience

Academics and advanced students


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