International Conference on Computational Finance
2017 - ICCF 2017

International Conference

4-8 Set 2017, ISEG, Lisboa


The International Conference on Computational Finance 2017 - ICCF2017 - is an international conference organized by Universidade de Lisboa - ISEG & CEMAPRE. It is the 2nd of a biannual series of conferences in Computational Finance launched by the consortium of the European project FP 7 Marie Curie ITN STRIKE- Novel Methods in Computational Finance 2013-2016.
Former edition took place in December 2015 at the University of Greenwich. Lisbon ICCF 2017 focuses on research and practice in financial mathematics and computation and welcomes academicians from the top-tier research centers and experts from the financial industry, in order to foster collaborations among mathematical finance and computational scientists and researchers and practitioners in finance and economics.


Svetlana Borovkova, Michael Coulon, Mark Cummins, Bruno Dupire, Ernst Eberlein, Paul Edge, Matthias Ehrhardt, Peter Forsyth, Karel In 't Hout, Andrey Itkin, Yuri Kabanov, Juho Kanniainen, Choi-Hong Lai, Attilio Meucci, Marek Musiela, Cornelis Oosterlee, Olivier Pironneau, Christoph Reisinger, Daniel Sevcovic, Qin Sheng, Albert Shiryaev, Steven Shreve, Nizar Touzi, Carlos Vazquez and Michael Wickens


Fernando F Gonçalves (Universidade Europeia), Maria do Rosário Grossinho (Universidade de Lisboa), João M E Guerra (Universidade de Lisboa), Manuel Guerra (Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão) and João Janela

Target audience

Academics from the top-tier research centers and experts from the financial industry


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