Combinatorial Game Theory Colloquium II

International Conference

25-27 Jan 2017, FCUL, Lisboa


Combinatorial Game Theory (CGT) is a branch of mathematics that studies sequential games with perfect information. Combinatorial games include well-known rulesets like Amazons, Clobber, Domineering, Hackenbush, Konane, Nim, Octal Games, Wythoff's Nim. After the John Conway's book On Numbers and Games (1976), Elwyn Berlekamp, John Conway and Richard Guy published "the" Winning Ways (1982). Combinatorial Game Theory Colloquium is held every two years, in Portugal. Associação Ludus will organize in Lisbon the second edition of the CGTC, 25-27 January, 2017. The fundamental idea of these conferences is to join, on European soil, the world's top experts on the subject. That way, they can share and join efforts on important open problems and spread the topic more consistently beyond United States and Canada, where it is most widely deployed.


Brett Stevens (Canada), Richard Nowakowski (Canada), Thane Plambeck (USA)


Alda Carvalho (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa)

Target audience

This event is addressed to academics, advanced students and people with interest on the field.


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