Leonor S Pinto

7 Articles in international journals with referee

An updated annotated bibliography on arc routing problems
M. Mourão and L. S. Pinto
Networks 70, 144-194 (2017).

Dissimilar Arc Routing Problems
M. Constantino, M. Mourão and L. S. Pinto
Networks 70, 233-245 (2017).

Profitable mixed capacitated arc routing and related problems
E. Benavent, A. Corberán, L. Gouveia, C. Mourão and L. S. Pinto
TOP 23, 244-274 (2014).

Lower bounds for the mixed capacitated arc routing problem
L. Gouveia, M. C. Mourão and L. S. Pinto
Computers & Operations Research 37, 692-699 (2010).

Species specific connectivity in reserve-network design using graphs
J. Orestes Cerdeira, L. S. Pinto, M. Cabeza and K. J. Gaston
Biological Conservation 143, 408-415 (2010).

Connectivity in priority area selection for conservation
J. Orestes Cerdeira, K. J. Gaston and L. S. Pinto
Environmental Modeling and Assessment 10, 183-192 (2005).

Requiring connectivity in the set covering problem
J. Orestes Cerdeira and L. S. Pinto
Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 9, 35-47 (2005).

1 Books - author

Investigação Operacional: Exercícios e Aplicações
C. Mourão, J. Valente, O. Simões, M. Vaz Pato and L. S. Pinto
Verlag Dashöfer, Lisboa, (2011).

1 Chapters in international books with referee

Routing in waste collection
G. Ghiani, M. C. Mourão, L. S. Pinto and D. Vigo
in Arc Routing: Problems, Methods and Applications (Ángel Corberán, Gilbert Laporte), SIAM-Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Chapter 15, (2014).