18 Articles in international journals with referee

A Simple Nonparametric Method to Estimate the Expected Time to Cross a Threshold
J. Nicolau
Statistics and Probability Letters 123, 146-152 (2017).

Assessing Nonlinear Dynamics of Central Bank Reaction Function: The case of Mozambique
G. N. Nhapulo and J. Nicolau
South African Journal of Economics 85, 28-51 (2017).

A. Bastos and C. Machado
International Journal of Social Economics, to appear (2017).

Combining micro and macro data in hedonic price indexes
E. A. Ramalho, J. J. Ramalho and R. Evangelista
Statistical Methods and Applications 26, 317-332 (2017).

Does Acute Myocardial Infarction kill more people on weekends? Analysis of in-hospital mortality rate of patients admitted during weekends in Portugal
F. Fiorentino, R. Ascenção and N. Rosati
Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, to appear (2017).

Estatística educacional e política pública: A propósito dos modelos de valor acrescentado
M. E. Ferrão
Educação & Sociedade, (2017).

Hyperbolic polygonal billiards with finitely many ergodic SRB measures
G. Del Magno, J. Lopes Dias, P. Duarte and J. P. Gaivão
Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, to appear (2017).

Measuring the impact of a bonus-malus system in finite and continuous time ruin probabilities for large portfolios in motor insurance
L. B. Afonso, R. M. R. Cardoso, A. D. Egídio dos Reis and G. R. Guerreiro
ASTIN Bulletin, (2017).

Moment-based estimation of nonlinear regression models with boundary outcomes and endogeneity, with applications to non-negative and fractional responses
E. A. Ramalho and J. J. Ramalho
Econometric Reviews 36, 397-420 (2017).

On a quasilinear non-local Benney system
F. Oliveira
Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations 14, 135-156 (2017).

On shadowing and hyperbolicity for geodesic flows on surfaces
M. Bessa, J. Lopes Dias and M. J. Torres
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 155, 250-263 (2017).

Performance and predictive power of risk-neutral densities and subjective probability density functions
A. Santos, J. M. E. Guerra and T. Neves
International Review of Finance, to appear (2017).

Ratemaking of Dependent Risks
J. Andrade e Silva and M. L. Centeno
ASTIN Bulletin, to appear (2017).

Ruin probabilities in a Sparre Andersen model with dependency structure based on a threshold window
E. C. Cheung, S. Dai and W. Ni
Annals of Actuarial Science, 1-27 (2017).

The relevance of the school socioeconomic composition and school proportion of repeaters on grade repetition in Brazil: a multilevel logistic model of PISA 2012
M. E. Ferrão, P. M. Costa and D. S. Matos
Large-scale Assessments in Education 5, 1-13 (2017).

The use of cheques in the European Union: a cross-country analysis
V. G. Silva, E. A. Ramalho and C. R. Vieira
Open Economies Review 28, 581-602 (2017).

Trade Potential Revisited: A Panel Data Analysis For Zimbabwe
I. Proença, E. Martinez- Gálan and M. P. Fontoura
Applied Econometrics and International Development 17, 113-130 (2017).

Why tourists spend extravagantly in Portugal: A binary logistic regression by quartiles
A. Correia, M. Kosac and F. F. Gonçalves
Tourism Planning & DEvelopment, to appear (2017).

1 Articles in national journals without referee

Breve Introdução à Análise Quantitativa do Risco
J. Nicolau
Cultivar 7, 21-31 (2017).

2 Chapters in international books with referee

A non-trivial surjective map onto the short Conway's group
A. Carvalho and C. P. Santos
Games of no Chance 5, Cambridge University Press, 1-10 (2017).

Indifference pricing in a market with transaction costs and jumps
N. Cantarutti, J. M. E. Guerra, M. Guerra and M. R. Grossinho
Novel Methods in Computational Finance, Eds. M. Ehrhardt, M. Günther and E.J.W. ter Maten, Springer 25, 31-46 (2017).

5 Preprints

Asymptotic periodicity in outer billiards with contraction
J. P. Gaivão
preprint (2017). PDF

Econometric analysis of private medicines expenditure in Portugal - dealing with excess of zeros
M. Ines, F. Duarte Ramos and N. Rosati
preprint (2017).

Impact of long term care and mortality risk in community care and nursing homes populations
H. Lopes, C. Mateus and N. Rosati
preprint (2017).

Renormalization of Gevrey vector fields with a Brjuno type arithmetical condition
J. Lopes Dias and J. P. Gaivão
preprint (2017). PDF

"Who are the Portuguese long-term care beneficiaries? Differences between nursing homes and community-based services populations."
H. Lopes, C. Mateus and N. Rosati
preprint (2017).