22 Articles in international journals with referee

A fragmented-periodogram approach for clustering big data time series
J. Caiado, N. Crato and P. Poncela
Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, (2019).

A. Bastos and M. E. Ferrão
Cadernos de Pesquisa, to appear (2019).

A note on the spatial approximation of PDEs with unbounded coefficients - The special one-dimensional case
F. F. Gonçalves, M. R. Grossinho and E. Morais
International Journal of Applied Mathematics, to appear (2019).

Asymptotic Poincaré Maps along the edges of Polytopes
H. Alishah, P. Duarte and T. Peixe
Nonlinearity, to appear (2019).

Bayesian selection of technology assumptions for the transformation from supply-use to input-output tables
J. F. Rodrigues, A. F. Amores and R. Paulo
Economic systems research, to appear (2019).

Estimating the long-run metro demand elasticities for Lisbon: A time-varying approach
P. C. Melo, N. Sobreira and P. Goulart
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, to appear (2019).

Evaluation of volatility models for forecasting Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall in the Portuguese Stock Market
N. Sobreira and R. Louro
Finance Research Letters, to appear (2019).

Identifying the long-term care beneficiaries: Differences between risk factors of nursing homes and community-based services admissions
H. Lopes, C. Mateus and N. Rosati
Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, to appear (2019).

Linearization of Gevrey flows on $\mathbf{T}^d$ with a Brjuno type arithmetical condition,
J. Lopes Dias and J. P. Gaivão
Journal of Differential Equations 267, 7167-7212 (2019).

Measuring the Gender Disparities in Unemployment Dynamics during the Recession: Evidence from Portugal
J. Passinhas and I. Proença
Applied Economics, to appear (2019).

Optimal investment decision under switching regimes of subsidy support
C. Oliveira and N. Perkowski
European Journal of Operational Research, (2019).

Optimal stopping of one-dimensional diffusions with integral criteria
M. Guerra, C. Nunes and C. Oliveira
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, (2019).

Option Pricing Under a Jump-Telegraph Diffusion Model with Jumps of Random size
J. Janela, J. M. E. Guerra and G. S. Silva
International Journal of Computer Mathematics, (2019).

Production processes with different levels of risk: addressing the replacement option
F. S. de Almeida, C. Nunes and C. Oliveira
REVSTAT Statistical Journal, to appear (2019).

Ruin probabilities and capital requirement for open automobile portfolios with a bonus-malus system based on claim counts
L. B. Afonso, R. M. Cardoso, A. D. Egídio dos Reis and G. R. Gracinda
Journal of Risk and Insurance, (2019).

The attractor of piecewise expanding maps of the interval
G. Del Magno, J. Lopes Dias, P. Duarte and J. P. Gaivão
Stochastics and Dynamics, to appear (2019).

The effect of ventricular volume increase in the amplitude of intracranial pressure
J. Apura, J. Tiago, A. Moura, J. A. Lourenço and A. Sequeira
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, (2019).

The inversion of the spatial lag operator in binary choice models: Fast computation and a closed formula approximation
L. Silveira Santos and I. Proença
Regional Science and Urban Economics 76, 74-102 (2019).

The Maximum l-Triangle k-Club Problem: complexity, properties, and algorithms
M. T. Almeida and R. Brás
Computers & Operations Research 111, 258-270 (2019).

The optimal stopping problem revisited
M. Guerra, C. Nunes and C. Oliveira
Statistical Papers, (2019).

The Profitability in the FTSE 100 Index: a New Markov Chain Approach
F. I. Riedlinger and J. Nicolau
Asia Pacific Financial Markets, to appear (2019).

Tracking the relationship between euro area equities and sovereign bonds
I. Cabral and J. Nicolau
International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance, to appear (2019).

1 Books - author

Modelos de Regressão Multinível: Pesquisa e Avaliação em Educação
M. E. Ferrão
Editora UFMG, (2019).

1 Books - editor

Data-Driven Policy Impact Evaluation: How Access to Microdata is Transforming Policy Design
N. Crato and P. Paruolo
Springer, (2019).

1 Chapters in international books with referee

The Power of Microdata: An Introduction
N. Crato and P. Paruolo
in Data-Driven Policy Impact Evaluation: How Access to Microdata is Transforming Policy Design, Eds. Crato and Paruolo, Springer, 1-14 (2019).

2 Conference proceedings with referee

How to clutch skills from higher education curricula: Analysis of Portuguese learning outcomes
A. Fidalgo, F. Ramos, D. Dias and F. F. Gonçalves
INTED2019 Proceedings, 8955-8964 (2019).

Restyling the higher education landscape: Regional (a)symmetries across Portugal
D. Dias, F. Ramos, A. Fidalgo and F. F. Gonçalves
INTED2019 Proceedings, 8965-8974 (2019).

6 Preprints

A public micro pension programme in Brazil: Heterogeneity among states and setting up of benefit age adjustment
R. G. Alcoforado and A. D. Egídio dos Reis
preprint (2019).

Estimation of foreseeable and unforeseeable risks in motor insurance
W. Ni, C. Constantinescu, A. D. Egídio dos Reis and V. Maume-Deschamps
preprint (2019).

Hyperbolicity through stable shadowing for generic geodesic flows
M. Bessa, J. Lopes Dias and M. J. Torres
preprint (2019).

Hyperbolic polygonal billiards close to 1-dimensional piecewise expanding maps
G. Del Magno, J. Lopes Dias, P. Duarte and J. P. Gaivão
preprint (2019).

Sturm-Liouville hypergroups without the compactness axiom
R. Sousa, M. Guerra and S. Yakubovich
preprint (2019).

The hyperbolic maximum principle approach to the construction of generalized convolutions
R. Sousa, M. Guerra and S. Yakubovich
preprint (2019).