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Telmo Peixe

I am a Portuguese mathematician interested in Dynamical Systems and Evolutionary Game Theory. As an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department of ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics & Management, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, I teach graduate, master and PhD courses in Mathematics. I am an Integrated researcher at the research center CEMAPRE - Centro de Matemática Aplicada à Previsão e Decisão Económica, one of the members of the research consortium REM - Research in Economics and Mathematics, based at ISEG. I am also member of the LxDS - Lisbon Dynamical Systems Group.


BSc in Psychology, Universidade de Lisboa, 1999.
BSc in Mathematics, Universidade de Lisboa, 2008.
MSc in Mathematics (supervisor: Pedro Miguel Duarte), Universidade de Lisboa, 2010.
PhD in Mathematics (supervisor: Pedro Miguel Duarte), Universidade de Lisboa, 2015.

Research interests

- Dynamical Systems,
- Hamiltonian dynamics,
- Evolutionary Game Theory/Dynamic games,
- Lotka-Volterra systems and replicator equation,
- Applications to economics and biology.

Research IDs

- ORCID: 0000-0002-0344-5959
- ResearcherID: F-8725-2018
- Scopus Author ID: 55308107200
- Google Scholar
- ResearchGate

Research projects

Member of the research projects
- CEMAPRE/REM UIDB/05069/2020
- New Trens in Lyapunov Exponents FCT PTDC/MAT-PUR/29126/2017


Flows on Polytopes - Mathematica code
(with P. Duarte)

We provide here the Mathematica code we had developed to explore the dynamics of polymatrix replicators for lower dimensional polytopes.


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    (with J. Buescu)
    Revista Matemática Universitária, 48/49, 39-51, 2010.
  2. Rank of stably dissipative graphs
    i (with P. Duarte)
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  3. Conservative and Dissipative Polymatrix Replicators
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  4. Asymptotic Poincaré Maps along the edges of Polytopes
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  5. Permanence in Polymatrix Replicators
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  6. Periodic attractor in the discrete time best-response dynamics of the Rock-Paper-Scissors game
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    (with A. A. Rodrigues)
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  9. Stability of heteroclinic cycles: a new approach based on a Replicator equation
    (with A. A. Rodrigues)
    Journal of Nonlinear Science, 33, 99, 2023.

Chapter in book

Monographs and other works

  1. Sistemas Lotka-Volterra dissipativos (in portuguese)
    MSc thesis, University of Lisboa, 2010.
  2. Lotka-Volterra systems and Polymatrix Replicators
    PhD thesis, University of Lisboa, 2015.
  3. Observar Golfinhos... Com Trigonometria
    (with P. Duarte, T. Caissotti)
    Gazeta de Matemática, 169, 16-22, 2013.
  4. Evaluating the effect of measurement error in pairs of 3D bearings in point transect sampling estimates of density
    (with T. A. Marques, P. Duarte, D. Moretti, L. Thomas)
    CREEM Technical Report, no.1, University of St Andrews, 2018.
  5. 2017/2018 Lecture notes of Matemática I (in portuguese) for the undergraduates in Economics, in Management, and in Finance.



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