Extended Abstracts/Papers

Session 1.1

Sergey Lychagin with Kala Krishna and Veronica FrisanchoRetaking in High Stakes Exams: Is Less More?
José Manuel Cordero with Tommaso AgasistiThe determinants of repetition rates in European countries: insights from an empirical analysis using PIRLS 2011 data
Luís Catela Nunes with Ana Balcão Reis and Maria do Carmo SeabraIs retention beneficial to low-achieving students? Evidence from Portugal

Session 1.2

Pedro Freitas with Ana Balcão ReisThe reasons behind the progression in PISA scores: an education production function approach using semi-parametric techniques
Daniel A. Kamhoefer with Hendrik Schmitz and Matthias WestphalThe effect of education on health using the marginal treatment effect approach
Geert MestersChildhood Skills, Signals and Dynamic Contagion in Socioeconomic Adulthood Outcomes for Disadvantaged Youths

POSTER Session

Janeli Kotze with Servaas van der BergInvestigating cognitive performance differentials by socio-economic status across international assessments: Towards a new methodology
Emil MihaylovReturns to job tasks and skills: Evidence from Germany
Daniela Sonedda with Carmen AinaShould I save or should I enrol? An empirical analysis of the interplay between households' decisions on the schooling of their children and consumption (saving).
Stefanie Hirsch with Paul JungbluthDoes measurement error explain the increase in correlation between socio-economic background and test scores in primary school
Helena Corrales-Herrero with Beatriz Rodriguez-PradoIs adult participation in education more effective when unemployment is high?
Rodrigo TravitzkiFirst steps toward indicators of intra school inequity in Brazil
José Manuel Cordero with Daniel Santin and Rosa SimancasExploring cross-country differences in the efficiency of secondary schools: a conditional nonparametric approach using PISA data

Session 2.1

Sandra Saúde with Carlos Borralho, Isidro Féria and Sandra LopesThe impact of a Higher Education Institution on Socioeconomic Development – the study case of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja
Joana FernandesRegional economic impact of HEI's over the years: the case of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança
José Miguel Salgado et al.The Influence of the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda in the Region
Jorge Cunha et al.Measurement of the economic impact of Higher Education Institutions on local economy: The case of seven Portuguese Polytechnic Institutes

Session 2.2

Massimiliano Tani with David Carrolla and Chris HeatonReturns to University Quality in Australia: A Two-Stage Analysis
Antonio Di Paolo with Lorenzo CappellariChanges in the Language of Instruction and Returns to Education in a Bilingual Labour Market
Elena Meroni with Esperanza Vera-Toscano and Stefano LombardiThe persistence of overducation and overskilling among recent graduates. Labour market mobility or educational system failure?

Session 2.3

Mafaizath Fatoke-Dato Short and Medium Term Impacts of the Elimination of School Fees on Girls' Education in Benin, West Africa
Alexis Le ChapelainDoes teachers' compensation reward efectiveness? - Evidence from a large public education system
Léonard Moulin with David Flacher and Hugo Harari-KermadecTuition fees and social segregation: lessons from a natural experiment at the University of Paris 9-Dauphine

Session 3.1

Marta Rosado with Maria do Carmo SeabraPublic and Private school management systems: A comparative analysis
Thomas Wouters School choice and segregation: determinants and decomposition
Karin Edmark with Nikolay AngelovThe Location Decisions of Swedish Independent schools

Session 3.2

Stefanie Herber The Role of Information in the Competition for Merit-Based Scholarships: Evidence from a Randomized Field-Experiment
Joris Ghysels with Carla Haelermans and Fernao PrinceThe Economics of Information in Human Capital Formation - Evidence from Two Randomized Experiments on Information Efforts via Formative Testing in Secondary Education
Carla Haelermans with Maartje van der EemThe Student in Charge! Experimental evidence on gender differences in academic achievement and motivation due to a changed student role

Session 3.3

Domingo P. Ximénez-de-Embúnb with María J. Mancebón and José M. Gómez-SanchoFinancial literacy, mathematical performance and school ownership
Alina Botezat with Mark LevelsAbortion Law Reforms and Cognitive Abilities of Teens in Romania
Ana Sofia Lopes with Paulino TeixeiraHow Far are Firms' from Workers' Productivity Effects? A New Approach to Measure Human Capital Spilloversv

Session 4.1

Dino Alves with Maria do Carmo Seabra and Luís Catela NunesDeterminants of Success of Nova SBE's Undergraduated students
Shira Fano with Paolo Pellizzari(Lack of) effects of Facebook use on academic performance

Session 4.2

João Oliveira Baptista Indicators of student progress and score inflation for secondary schools in Portugal
Flavio Eduardo Frony Morgado with Maria Beatriz Villas Boas de MoraesThe use of descriptive statistics as a tool for the assessment of general knowledge questions in Progress Test

Session 4.3

Joelle Latina Should I stay or Should I go? An analysis of transitions within vocational education
Johan Coenen with Chris Van Klaveren, Wim Groot and Henriette van den BrinkThe effects of ability tracking of future primary school teachers on student performance

Session 5.1

Alessia Matano with Sandra Nieto and Raúl RamosSkill Mismatches in the EU: Immigrants vs Natives
Alina Botezat with Friedhelm PfeifferThe Impact of Parents Migration on the Well-being of Children Left Behind - Initial Evidence from Romania
Marieke Heers with Carla HaelermansThe Effect of Ethnic Diversity in Secondary Schools on School Dropout and the Level of Vocational Education in the Netherlands

Session 5.2

Michael Dörsam with Verena LauberThe Faster, the Worse? Evidence From a German High School Reform
Francisco-Javier Cabrera Impact Evaluation of a Full-Time Primary Schools Programme in Mexico
Johanna Sophie Quis Does higher learning intensity affect student well-being? Evidence from the National Educational Panel Study

Session 5.3

Camille Terrier Giving a Little Help to Girls? Evidence on Grade Discrimination and its Effects on Students Achievement
Francesca Foliano Girls with sisters do better: parental investment and sibship composition
Ulf Zölitz How the Gender Composition in Academia Shapes Student Performance and Careers